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Calculating coherence length is essential in various scientific and engineering disciplines, particularly in optics and quantum mechanics. Coherence length represents the distance over which a wave maintains a constant phase relationship. This article provides a detailed guide on how to calculate coherence length and includes a working calculator for easy computations.

How to Use

To use the coherence length calculator, simply input the relevant parameters into the provided fields and click the “Calculate” button. The calculator will then compute the coherence length based on the provided inputs.


The formula for calculating coherence length (Lc​) is given by:


  • λ is the wavelength of the wave.
  • Δλ is the wavelength spread or spectral width.

Example Solve

Let’s consider an example where the wavelength (λ) is 650 nm and the wavelength spread (Δλ) is 10 nm.



Q: What is coherence length?
A: Coherence length is the distance over which a wave maintains a constant phase relationship.

Q: Why is coherence length important?
A: Coherence length is crucial in various fields, including optics and quantum mechanics, as it helps in understanding wave behavior and interference phenomena.

Q: Can coherence length be negative?
A: No, coherence length cannot be negative as it represents a physical distance.

Q: What factors affect coherence length?
A: Coherence length is influenced by factors such as the wavelength of the wave and the spectral width.

Q: How is coherence length measured experimentally?
A: Coherence length can be determined experimentally using interference techniques or by analyzing the spectral properties of the wave.


Understanding coherence length is vital for various scientific and engineering applications. By utilizing the provided coherence length calculator and the formula explained in this article, researchers and practitioners can efficiently compute coherence length for their specific scenarios.

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