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Calculating gear inches is crucial for cyclists to understand the gear ratio of their bikes. Gear inches represent the effective diameter of a wheel in inches when a particular gear is engaged, aiding in comparing gear ratios across different bicycles.

How to Use

To utilize the gear inch calculator, input the values for chainring teeth, cog teeth, and wheel diameter in the respective fields. Click the “Calculate” button to obtain the gear inches.


The formula to calculate gear inches is:

Example Solve

Suppose you have a bike with a 50-tooth chainring, a 16-tooth cog, and 27-inch wheels. Using the formula:


Q: What are gear inches used for?
A: Gear inches help cyclists compare the gearing of different bikes and understand their capability in various riding conditions.

Q: Can gear inches be used to determine a bike’s speed?
A: Gear inches alone cannot determine a bike’s speed, but they do influence how quickly a cyclist can pedal and the effort required to maintain a certain speed.

Q: Are gear inches the same as gear ratios?
A: No, gear inches represent the effective diameter of the wheel, whereas gear ratios compare the number of teeth on the chainring to the number of teeth on the cog.


Understanding gear inches is vital for cyclists to optimize their riding experience and performance. With this calculator, cyclists can efficiently determine gear inches and make informed decisions about their gear selection.

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