Iron Saturation Calculator

Iron Saturation Calculator: Calculate Your Iron Levels Easily

Iron saturation is a crucial measure in understanding how much iron is bound to transferrin, a protein responsible for transporting iron in the blood. Monitoring iron saturation levels is essential for maintaining overall health, especially for individuals with conditions like iron deficiency anemia.

How to Use:

Simply input your serum iron level and your total iron-binding capacity (TIBC) into the calculator below, then click “Calculate” to determine your iron saturation percentage.


Iron Saturation Percentage = (Serum Iron ÷ TIBC) × 100

Example Solve:

If your serum iron level is 100 mcg/dL and your TIBC is 300 mcg/dL, the calculation would be:

Iron Saturation Percentage = (100 ÷ 300) × 100 = 33.33%

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why is iron saturation important?

A: Iron saturation reflects the percentage of transferrin that is currently carrying iron. Low iron saturation can indicate iron deficiency, while high levels may suggest conditions like hemochromatosis.

Q: What are normal iron saturation levels?

A: Normal iron saturation levels typically range from 20% to 50%. However, optimal levels may vary depending on individual health factors.

Q: How often should I check my iron saturation levels?

A: It’s best to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the appropriate frequency of testing based on your individual health needs.


The iron saturation calculator provides a quick and easy way to assess your iron levels, helping you stay informed about your overall health status.

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