Bore X Stroke Calculator


Calculating the bore and stroke ratio is crucial in the automotive and engineering fields, providing insights into engine performance and design. This article presents a user-friendly bore x stroke calculator. Follow the simple instructions to utilize the calculator effectively.

How to Use

  1. Open the provided HTML file in a web browser.
  2. Input the bore and stroke values in the designated text fields.
  3. Click the “Calculate” button to obtain the result.
  4. The calculated bore x stroke ratio will be displayed on the page.


The bore x stroke ratio is calculated using the formula:

Example Solve

Suppose you have an engine with a bore of 85 mm and a stroke of 75 mm. To find the bore x stroke ratio:


Q1: What is the bore x stroke ratio used for in engine design?

A1: The bore x stroke ratio is a critical parameter in engine design, influencing factors like torque, power, and efficiency.

Q2: How does the calculator handle decimal inputs?

A2: The calculator accommodates decimal inputs, providing accurate results for precise measurements.

Q3: Can the calculator handle negative values?

A3: No, the calculator only accepts positive numerical inputs for bore and stroke values.

Q4: Is the provided formula suitable for all engine types?

A4: Yes, the formula is universally applicable to calculate bore x stroke ratios for various engine configurations.


In conclusion, the bore x stroke calculator presented here offers a quick and efficient way to determine the crucial bore x stroke ratio for engine analysis. Whether you are an automotive enthusiast or an engineer, this tool simplifies the calculation process, providing valuable insights into engine performance.

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