Average Rainfall Intensity Calculator


Calculating average rainfall intensity is essential in various fields, including agriculture, hydrology, and urban planning. This article presents a simple yet effective calculator to compute average rainfall intensity based on collected data.

How to Use

  1. Input the total rainfall amount (in millimeters) during a specified time period.
  2. Enter the duration of that time period (in hours).
  3. Click the "Calculate" button to obtain the average rainfall intensity.


The formula used to calculate average rainfall intensity is:

Example Solve

Suppose we have recorded a total rainfall of 50 millimeters over a period of 2 hours. To find the average rainfall intensity:


Q: What units should I use for input?
A: Input total rainfall in millimeters and duration in hours.

Q: Can this calculator handle different time units, like minutes or days?
A: No, this calculator is designed for hours as the time unit.

Q: What if I encounter negative values or zero in inputs?
A: Negative values and zeros are not permissible for accurate calculations.


Calculating average rainfall intensity is crucial for various applications. This calculator provides a quick and reliable way to obtain this value, aiding in decision-making processes related to water resource management, urban infrastructure, and agricultural practices.

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