Waterfall Pump Calculator


Calculating the required specifications for a waterfall pump can be crucial for maintaining an efficient and aesthetically pleasing water feature. Whether you’re a homeowner designing your backyard oasis or a professional landscaper, having a reliable calculator at your disposal can simplify the process.

How to Use

To utilize the waterfall pump calculator, simply input the necessary parameters into the designated fields. These parameters typically include the flow rate desired for the waterfall, the height of the waterfall, and any additional factors such as friction loss or pipe diameter.


The most accurate formula for calculating waterfall pump requirements is the following:


  • Q = Flow rate (gallons per minute)
  • H = Total head (feet)
  • 231 = Conversion factor (1 gallon = 231 cubic inches)
  • η = Pump efficiency (expressed as a decimal)

Example Solve

Let’s consider a scenario where we need to calculate the flow rate for a waterfall with a total head of 10 feet and a pump efficiency of 0.8.

Using the formula:

Therefore, the required flow rate for the waterfall pump would be approximately 2887.5 gallons per minute.


Q: How accurate are the calculations provided by the waterfall pump calculator?

A: The calculations provided by the calculator are based on the fundamental principles of fluid dynamics and pump efficiency. However, it’s essential to consider real-world factors such as friction loss and variations in pump performance.

Q: Can the calculator accommodate different units of measurement?

A: Yes, the calculator can handle various units such as feet for head height and gallons per minute for flow rate. However, it’s crucial to maintain consistency in units throughout the calculation process.


In conclusion, the waterfall pump calculator serves as a valuable tool for accurately determining the specifications required for a water feature. By inputting essential parameters into the calculator, users can streamline the design process and ensure optimal performance of their waterfall pump systems.

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