Viscosity Of Water Calculator


Calculating the viscosity of water is essential in various scientific and engineering fields, providing insights into fluid behavior and properties. To simplify this process, we can utilize a viscosity calculator, which streamlines the calculation based on the relevant formula.

How to Use:

This viscosity calculator is designed to provide accurate results with ease of use. Simply input the required parameters, such as temperature, and press the “Calculate” button to obtain the viscosity value.


The viscosity of water can be calculated using the formula:


  • η is the viscosity of water.
  • A, B, and C are constants.
  • T is the temperature in degrees Celsius.

Example Solve:

Let’s say we want to calculate the viscosity of water at a temperature of 25°C. Using the provided formula with the appropriate constants, we plug in the values:


Q: Can this calculator be used for other fluids besides water?

A: No, this calculator specifically calculates the viscosity of water based on its temperature using the provided formula.

Q: What units does the calculator use for viscosity?

A: The calculator uses the SI unit of viscosity, Pascal-seconds (Pa·s).

Q: Are the constants used in the formula accurate for all temperature ranges?

A: The constants provided are suitable for a wide range of temperatures typically encountered in practical applications.


In conclusion, the viscosity calculator presented here offers a convenient way to determine the viscosity of water based on temperature. By utilizing the accurate formula and constants, users can quickly obtain reliable results for various scientific and engineering purposes.

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