Torsion Spring Torque Calculator


Calculating torsion spring torque is essential in various engineering and mechanical applications, where understanding the force and rotational movement of a torsion spring is crucial. This article provides a simple calculator tool to compute torsion spring torque efficiently.

How to Use

To utilize the torsion spring torque calculator, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the values of the spring constant (k) and the angle of deflection (θ) in their respective input fields.
  2. Click the “Calculate” button to obtain the torque exerted by the torsion spring.


The torque (τ) exerted by a torsion spring can be calculated using the formula:



  • τ is the torque (in units of force multiplied by distance, e.g., Newton-meters or pound-feet).
  • k is the spring constant (in units of force per unit angle, e.g., Newton-meters per radian or pound-inches per degree).
  • θ is the angle of deflection (in radians or degrees).

Example Solve

Suppose we have a torsion spring with a spring constant k=50 Nm/rad and an angle of deflection θ=30 degrees.

Using the formula:




So, the torque exerted by the torsion spring is approximately 26.18 Nm.


Q: What is a torsion spring?
A: A torsion spring is a type of spring that works by torsion or twisting, typically used to store rotational energy or apply torque.

Q: Why is calculating torsion spring torque important?
A: Calculating torsion spring torque helps engineers determine the force exerted and predict the behavior of mechanical systems accurately.

Q: Can I use the calculator for different units?
A: Yes, you can input values in various units for the spring constant and angle of deflection, as long as they are consistent.


The torsion spring torque calculator simplifies the process of determining the torque exerted by torsion springs, aiding in the design and analysis of mechanical systems. With its straightforward interface and accurate calculations, it proves to be a valuable tool in engineering applications.

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