Studs Per Linear Foot Calculator


Calculating the number of studs required per linear foot is essential in construction projects, ensuring structural stability and adherence to building codes. To simplify this process, a calculator can be utilized, offering quick and accurate results.

How to Use:

Enter the spacing between studs in inches and the length of the wall in feet into the designated input fields. Click the “Calculate” button to obtain the required number of studs per linear foot.


The formula to calculate the number of studs per linear foot is:

Example Solve:

Suppose the spacing between studs is 16 inches, and the length of the wall is 20 feet.

=15 studs per linear foot


Q: Can this calculator be used for different units of measurement?
A: No, this calculator specifically calculates the number of studs per linear foot.

Q: What if my wall length is in inches or centimeters?
A: Ensure that the length is converted to feet before inputting it into the calculator.

Q: Is the calculator suitable for all types of construction projects?
A: Yes, this calculator is applicable to various construction projects requiring stud placement.


The studs per linear foot calculator simplifies the process of determining the required number of studs for a given wall length and spacing. By utilizing this tool, construction professionals can efficiently plan and execute their projects with accuracy.

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