Stripline Impedance Calculator


In the realm of electronics, understanding and calculating the impedance of transmission lines is crucial for designing efficient and reliable circuits. The impedance of a transmission line, often referred to as stripline impedance, plays a vital role in signal integrity and impedance matching.

How to Use

To utilize the stripline impedance calculator, input the necessary parameters such as dielectric constant, trace width, trace thickness, and substrate height into the corresponding fields. After providing the required values, click the “Calculate” button to obtain the impedance of the stripline.


The impedance of a stripline can be calculated using the following formula:


  • Z = Impedance of the stripline (ohms)
  • εr​ = Relative permittivity of the substrate
  • h = Substrate height (meters)
  • w = Trace width (meters)
  • t = Trace thickness (meters)

Example Solve

Let’s consider an example where:

  • Relative permittivity (εr​) = 4.2
  • Substrate height (h) = 0.025 m
  • Trace width (w) = 0.002 m
  • Trace thickness (t) = 0.00035 m

Plugging these values into the formula:

After calculation, the impedance of the stripline is found to be approximately 51.73 ohms.


Q: What is stripline impedance?
A: Stripline impedance refers to the characteristic impedance of a transmission line constructed between two parallel conducting planes within a dielectric material.

Q: Why is stripline impedance important?
A: Understanding stripline impedance is essential for ensuring signal integrity and impedance matching in high-frequency circuit designs.

Q: How accurate is the provided formula?
A: The formula provided offers a reasonably accurate estimation of stripline impedance, considering the parameters involved in its calculation.


The stripline impedance calculator serves as a valuable tool for electronics engineers and designers to accurately determine the impedance of transmission lines. By inputting relevant parameters, users can efficiently optimize circuit performance and signal integrity.

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