Sonic Velocity Calculator


In engineering and physics, understanding sonic velocity is crucial for various applications, from fluid dynamics to acoustics. To simplify the process, we present a calculator tool that efficiently computes the sonic velocity based on relevant parameters.

How to Use

  1. Input the temperature (in Celsius).
  2. Input the specific heat ratio (also known as the adiabatic index).
  3. Press the “Calculate” button to obtain the sonic velocity.


The formula for calculating sonic velocity (vs​) is as follows:


  • γ (specific heat ratio) represents the ratio of specific heats at constant pressure to constant volume.
  • R is the gas constant.
  • T is the temperature in Kelvin.

Example Solve

Suppose we want to calculate the sonic velocity for air at 20°C. Given that the specific heat ratio (γ) for air is approximately 1.4 and the gas constant (R) is about 287 J/(kg·K), we can proceed as follows:

  1. Input temperature (T) = 20°C = 293.15 K
  2. Input specific heat ratio (γ) = 1.4
  3. Calculate:

Thus, the sonic velocity of air at 20°C is approximately 343.18 m/s.


Q: What is sonic velocity?

A: Sonic velocity is the speed of sound through a medium under specific conditions, often influenced by factors such as temperature and composition.

Q: Why is sonic velocity important?

A: Sonic velocity is crucial in various fields, including aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, and ultrasonics, as it provides insights into the behavior of fluids and materials.

Q: Can sonic velocity vary with conditions?

A: Yes, sonic velocity can change based on factors such as temperature, pressure, and the medium through which sound travels.


The sonic velocity calculator simplifies complex calculations, enabling quick and accurate determination of sound speed in various media. By providing an intuitive interface and precise results, this tool facilitates efficient analysis across scientific and engineering disciplines.

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