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In today's digital age, calculators play an essential role in various fields, from simple arithmetic to complex scientific calculations. A shift left calculator is a tool used to perform bitwise left shift operations, a fundamental concept in computer science and programming. This article will guide you through using a shift left calculator effectively, explaining the formula, providing examples, addressing frequently asked questions (FAQs), and concluding with insights.

How to Use

Using a shift left calculator is straightforward. Enter the desired number in the input field, specify the number of bits to shift left, and click the "Calculate" button to get the result. It's that simple!


The formula for bitwise left shift operation is:

Result = Number << Shift


  • Number: The decimal number to be shifted.
  • Shift: The number of bits to shift the number to the left.
  • Result: The output after performing the left shift operation.

Example Solve

Let's consider an example:

Suppose we have the number 5 (in binary: 0101), and we want to shift it left by 2 bits.

Using the formula:

Result = 5 << 2

The result would be:

Result = 20


Q: What is a left shift operation?
A: A left shift operation moves the bits of a binary number to the left by a certain number of positions, effectively multiplying the number by 2 raised to the power of the shift count.

Q: What happens to the bits that are shifted beyond the leftmost position?
A: Bits shifted beyond the leftmost position are discarded.

Q: Can I use negative numbers for the shift count?
A: Yes, you can use negative numbers for the shift count. It performs a right shift operation instead of a left shift.


In conclusion, a shift left calculator is a handy tool for performing bitwise left shift operations efficiently. Whether you're a programmer, a student, or anyone needing to perform such calculations, this calculator simplifies the process. By following the provided guidelines and examples, you can easily utilize this tool for your bitwise left shift operations.

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