Scrum Velocity Calculator


Calculating scrum velocity is crucial for agile teams to estimate their capacity and plan sprints effectively. A scrum velocity calculator simplifies this process by providing a straightforward method to determine the average amount of work completed in a sprint.

How to Use

  1. Input the total story points completed in previous sprints.
  2. Input the number of sprints considered for calculation.
  3. Click the “Calculate” button to obtain the scrum velocity.


The formula to calculate scrum velocity is:

Example Solve

Suppose in the last 5 sprints, your team completed a total of 120 story points. To find the scrum velocity:


Q: What are story points in agile?
Story points are a measure used in agile software development to estimate the difficulty of implementing a user story.

Q: Why is scrum velocity important?
A: Scrum velocity helps teams predict how much work they can complete in future sprints, aiding in sprint planning and project forecasting.

Q: Can scrum velocity change over time?
A: Yes, scrum velocity can fluctuate as teams improve their efficiency, encounter new challenges, or experience changes in team composition.


A scrum velocity calculator is a valuable tool for agile teams to estimate their capacity accurately. By understanding how to calculate and utilize scrum velocity, teams can enhance their sprint planning process and achieve project success more efficiently.

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