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In food processing, pasteurization is a crucial technique for extending shelf life and ensuring safety by reducing harmful bacteria. Pasteurization Units (PU) are used to measure the effectiveness of this process. To facilitate calculations, a Pasteurization Units calculator can be a handy tool. In this article, we’ll introduce such a calculator and provide insights on its usage, formula, examples, FAQs, and conclusion.

How to Use

Using the Pasteurization Units calculator is straightforward. Input the required values, such as temperature and time, and click the “Calculate” button to obtain the Pasteurization Units.


The formula for calculating Pasteurization Units is as follows:


  • PU = Pasteurization Units
  • t = time in minutes
  • T = temperature in Celsius
  • Tc​ = critical temperature in Celsius

Example Solve

Let’s say we have a temperature (T) of 72°C, a critical temperature (Tc​) of 60°C, and a time (t) of 15 minutes.

Using the formula:

So, the Pasteurization Units would be 18.


Q: What are Pasteurization Units (PU)?

A: Pasteurization Units (PU) are a measure of the effectiveness of pasteurization processes, indicating the heat treatment applied to a product.

Q: How is the critical temperature determined?

A: The critical temperature varies depending on the product and its susceptibility to heat treatment. It’s determined based on factors such as the type of microorganisms present and the desired shelf life of the product.

Q: Can Pasteurization Units be used for all types of pasteurization?

A: While Pasteurization Units are commonly used for batch pasteurization processes, they may not be suitable for continuous pasteurization methods due to differences in heating and cooling rates.


In conclusion, a Pasteurization Units calculator can greatly simplify the process of determining the effectiveness of pasteurization treatments. By inputting key variables such as temperature and time, users can quickly obtain accurate PU values, ensuring the safety and quality of food products.

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