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In today’s fast-paced world, accurate calculations are essential, especially when dealing with paper weights. Whether you’re a student, a designer, or a printer, having a reliable paper weight conversion calculator can streamline your workflow and ensure precision in your projects.

How to Use

Using our paper weight conversion calculator is simple and efficient. Just input the weight value in the appropriate unit, select the units you want to convert from and to, and click the “Calculate” button. The calculator will instantly provide you with the converted value, allowing you to proceed with your work seamlessly.


The formula used for paper weight conversion is:

Example Solve

Let’s say you have a paper with a basis weight of 80 lb and an area of 17 in². To convert this to grams per square meter (gsm), you would use the formula mentioned above:

After calculation, the result is approximately 215.03 gsm.


Q: Can I use this calculator for any paper weight conversion?
A: Yes, our calculator supports the conversion of paper weights between different units efficiently.

Q: Is the formula used in the calculator accurate?
A: Yes, the formula used ensures precise conversion results for various paper weights.

Q: Can I integrate this calculator into my website or application?
A: Absolutely! You can easily embed the provided into your website or application for seamless paper weight conversion.


In conclusion, having access to a reliable paper weight conversion calculator simplifies tasks for professionals working with paper materials. Whether you’re estimating printing costs or selecting the appropriate paper for your project, this tool provides accurate and efficient conversions, enhancing your productivity and accuracy.

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