Naismiths Rule Calculator


Calculators are essential tools for various fields, from engineering to finance. They streamline complex calculations and provide quick results. One such calculation method is Naismith’s rule, which estimates the time it takes to hike or walk a particular distance.

How to Use

To use the Naismith’s rule calculator, simply input the values for distance and ascent. Then, click the “Calculate” button to get the estimated time required for the hike or walk.


The formula for Naismith’s rule is:

Total time=Walking time+Rest time


Example Solve

Let’s say you’re planning a hike of 10 kilometers with an ascent of 500 meters. Assuming a walking speed of 5 kilometers per hour and an ascent rate of 10 meters per minute, we can calculate the total time as follows:


Q: What is Naismith’s rule?

A: Naismith’s rule is a method used to estimate the time it takes to hike or walk a certain distance, considering both distance and ascent.

Q: How accurate is Naismith’s rule?

A: Naismith’s rule provides a rough estimate and may vary depending on factors such as individual fitness, terrain, weather conditions, and pack weight.

Q: Can Naismith’s rule be used for running or cycling?

A: Naismith’s rule is primarily designed for hiking or walking and may not be suitable for running or cycling, as it assumes a consistent walking speed.


Naismith’s rule calculator offers a convenient way to estimate hiking or walking times based on distance and ascent. While it’s not a perfect predictor, it provides a useful guideline for trip planning and preparation.

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