Link Budget Equation Calculator


Calculating link budgets is crucial in telecommunications and networking to ensure reliable communication. A link budget equation calculator simplifies this process, providing accurate results efficiently.

How to Use

Simply input the required parameters such as transmitter power, antenna gains, cable losses, and receiver sensitivity into the calculator. Then click the “Calculate” button to obtain the link budget result.


The link budget equation calculates the received signal power (P<sub>rx</sub>) at the receiver using the following formula:



  • 𝑃𝑑π‘₯ = Transmitter power
  • 𝐺𝑑π‘₯ = Transmitter antenna gain
  • 𝐿𝑑π‘₯ = Transmitter losses
  • πΊπ‘Ÿπ‘₯​ = Receiver antenna gain
  • πΏπ‘Ÿπ‘₯​ = Receiver losses

Example Solve

Let’s consider an example:

  • Transmitter power (𝑃𝑑π‘₯​) = 30 dBm
  • Transmitter antenna gain (𝐺𝑑π‘₯​) = 20 dBi
  • Transmitter losses (𝐿𝑑π‘₯​) = 5 dB
  • Receiver antenna gain (πΊπ‘Ÿπ‘₯) = 25 dBi
  • Receiver losses (πΏπ‘Ÿπ‘₯) = 3 dB

Using the formula, we can calculate the received signal power (Prx​): π‘ƒπ‘Ÿπ‘₯=30+20βˆ’5+25βˆ’3=67 dBm


Q: What is a link budget?

A: A link budget is an accounting of all of the gains and losses from the transmitter, through the medium (free space, cable, waveguide, fiber, etc.) to the receiver in a telecommunication system.

Q: Why is the link budget important?

A: A link budget is essential for determining whether a proposed communication link will work under given conditions. It ensures that the received signal strength is sufficient for reliable communication.

Q: What are typical losses in a link budget?

A: Typical losses include free space path loss, cable losses, atmospheric attenuation, and losses due to antenna inefficiency.


A link budget equation calculator simplifies the process of calculating link budgets, providing essential insights into the performance of telecommunication systems. By accurately considering gains and losses, it enables engineers to design robust and reliable communication links.

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