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Calculating land slope is essential for various purposes such as construction, landscaping, and drainage planning. Whether you’re a civil engineer, architect, or homeowner, understanding the slope of your land is crucial for proper planning and implementation of projects.

How to Use

Using our land slope calculator is simple. Enter the elevation values of two points on your land and click the “Calculate” button to determine the slope between them.


The slope of land is calculated using the formula:

Example Solve

Let’s say we have two points on our land with elevations of A=100 meters and B=150 meters, and the distance between them is 50 meters.

The slope of the land in this example is 1.


What is land slope?

Land slope, also known as gradient or grade, is the measure of steepness or incline of a piece of land relative to the horizontal plane. It’s expressed as the ratio of the vertical change in elevation to the horizontal distance between two points.

Why is knowing the land slope important?

Understanding the slope of land is crucial for various purposes such as construction, drainage planning, and agriculture. It helps in determining the feasibility of projects, managing water runoff, and ensuring proper stability and safety.


Calculating the slope of land is vital for effective planning and execution of projects. Our land slope calculator provides a convenient tool for quickly determining the slope between two points on your property. Whether you’re designing a building foundation, planning a garden, or managing water drainage, knowing the slope of your land is essential for success.

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