Grain Shrinkage Calculator


Calculating grain shrinkage is essential for farmers and agricultural professionals to determine the loss in weight or volume of grains during storage. A grain shrinkage calculator simplifies this process by providing accurate results based on specific inputs.

How to Use

To utilize the grain shrinkage calculator, follow these steps:

  1. Input the initial weight or volume of the grain (in pounds or bushels).
  2. Enter the moisture content percentage of the grain.
  3. Specify the final moisture content percentage desired.
  4. Click the “Calculate” button to obtain the shrinkage result.


The formula used in this calculator for grain shrinkage is:


  • W = Initial weight or volume of the grain
  • Mi​ = Initial moisture content percentage
  • Mf​ = Final moisture content percentage

Example Solve

Let’s consider an example:

  • Initial weight of grain (W) = 500 pounds
  • Initial moisture content (M_i) = 15%
  • Final moisture content desired (M_f) = 12%

Using the formula:


Q: What is grain shrinkage?

A: Grain shrinkage refers to the reduction in weight or volume of grains due to moisture loss during storage.

Q: Why is grain shrinkage important?

A: Grain shrinkage is crucial for estimating the actual quantity of grain available after accounting for moisture loss, aiding in proper inventory management and pricing.

Q: Can grain shrinkage be prevented?

A: While grain shrinkage cannot be entirely prevented, it can be minimized through proper storage conditions such as adequate ventilation and moisture control.


A grain shrinkage calculator simplifies the process of determining the loss in weight or volume of grains during storage. By inputting the initial and final moisture content percentages, farmers and agricultural professionals can obtain accurate shrinkage results, aiding in efficient inventory management and pricing decisions.

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