Foot Function Index Calculator

Introduction to the Foot Function Index Calculator

The Foot Function Index (FFI) is a widely used tool to assess the impact of foot pathology on function in terms of pain, disability, and activity restriction. It is typically utilized by healthcare professionals to evaluate treatment outcomes and understand the severity of foot conditions.

How to Use the Calculator

To use the Foot Function Index Calculator, simply enter the values related to the foot’s condition into the designated fields. These values include scores for pain, disability, and activity limitation. After inputting the data, click on the “Calculate” button to receive the overall FFI score.


The FFI is calculated using the following formula:

This formula provides a percentage that represents the foot’s functionality where a higher score indicates more impairment.

Example Solve

Let’s calculate an example:

  • Pain score: 15
  • Disability score: 10
  • Activity limitation score: 5
  • Maximum possible score: 90

Using the formula:

This means the person’s foot function is reduced by 33.33%.


What is the Foot Function Index?

The Foot Function Index (FFI) is an index used to measure the impact of foot-related conditions on an individual’s functional ability.

Who can use this calculator?

The calculator can be used by healthcare providers, researchers, and patients wanting to quantify the functional impact of foot conditions.

Is the calculator difficult to use?

No, the calculator is user-friendly. Simply fill in the required fields and click the calculate button to get the results.


The Foot Function Index Calculator is a practical tool for quantifying the impact of foot conditions on a person’s daily life. It aids in clinical assessments, guiding treatment decisions, and measuring treatment outcomes.

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