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The world of DIY and crafting has seen an exponential rise in the use of epoxy resin, a versatile material that can be used in a wide range of applications, from jewelry making to tabletop coatings. A critical aspect of working with epoxy resin is the precise measurement of its components, including the pigments that add color and depth to the final product. This is where an epoxy pigment calculator becomes an invaluable tool.

How to Use

An epoxy pigment calculator simplifies the process of determining how much pigment you need to add to your epoxy resin to achieve the desired color intensity. By inputting the volume of epoxy resin you are working with and the desired pigment concentration, the calculator provides you with the exact amount of pigment required.


The formula used in the epoxy pigment calculator is based on the pigment concentration percentage (PCP), which is the ratio of the volume of pigment to the total volume of the mixture. The calculation is as follows:

Pigment Volume=(PCP×Total Epoxy Volume)/100


  • Pigment Volume is the amount of pigment you need to add (in milliliters or grams).
  • PCP is the pigment concentration percentage you desire.
  • Total Epoxy Volume is the volume of the epoxy resin you are using (in milliliters or grams).

Example Solve

For instance, if you have 100ml of epoxy resin and you want a pigment concentration of 2%, the calculation would be:

Pigment Volume=(2×100)/100=2ml

This means you would need to add 2ml of pigment to your 100ml of epoxy resin to achieve a 2% pigment concentration.


What is the best pigment concentration for epoxy resin?

The ideal pigment concentration depends on the desired opacity and color intensity. A concentration of 1-3% is common for most applications.

Can I use this calculator for any type of pigment?

Yes, the calculator works for any type of pigment, including powders, liquids, and pastes.

How accurate is the epoxy pigment calculator?

The calculator provides an estimation based on the input values and the standard formula for pigment concentration. For best results, always do a small test mix first.


An epoxy pigment calculator is an essential tool for anyone working with epoxy resin, ensuring accurate measurements for consistent results. By understanding and applying the correct pigment concentrations, you can enhance your projects with vibrant colors and finishes that stand out.

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