Efficiency Ratio Calculator


Efficiency ratio is a key financial metric that measures how well a company utilizes its resources to generate profits. Calculating this ratio involves assessing various aspects of a company’s financial performance. To simplify this process, we can create an Efficiency Ratio Calculator.

How to Use

The Efficiency Ratio Calculator allows users to input essential financial data to determine the efficiency of a company. Follow these steps to use the calculator:

  1. Input the Net Income.
  2. Enter the Operating Expenses.
  3. Provide the Average Total Assets.

After inputting these values, click the “Calculate” button to obtain the efficiency ratio.


The efficiency ratio is calculated using the following formula:

This formula helps assess how well a company is utilizing its assets to generate income.

Example Solve

Suppose a company has a Net Income of $500,000, Operating Expenses of $200,000, Beginning Total Assets of $2,000,000, and Ending Total Assets of $2,500,000.

After calculating, the efficiency ratio is found to be 8%.


Q1: What does the Efficiency Ratio indicate?

A: The Efficiency Ratio measures how effectively a company utilizes its resources to generate profits. A lower ratio indicates better efficiency.

Q2: Is a higher or lower Efficiency Ratio better?

A: A lower Efficiency Ratio is considered better as it signifies that the company is using its assets more efficiently to generate income.

Q3: How frequently should the Efficiency Ratio be calculated?

A: It is recommended to calculate the Efficiency Ratio regularly, such as quarterly or annually, to monitor changes in a company’s operational efficiency.


Incorporating an Efficiency Ratio Calculator using HTML and JavaScript simplifies the process of evaluating a company’s operational efficiency. By inputting the required financial data, users can quickly obtain the efficiency ratio, allowing for informed decision-making in financial analysis.

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