Crane Tipping Load Calculator


Calculating the tipping load of a crane is crucial for ensuring safety and efficiency in construction and industrial operations. With the right formula and tools, this calculation becomes straightforward. In this article, we’ll explore how to use a crane tipping load calculator and provide a working example.

How to Use

Using the crane tipping load calculator is simple. Input the required parameters such as the crane’s load radius, load weight, and boom length into the calculator. Then, click the “Calculate” button to obtain the tipping load.


The formula for calculating the tipping load of a crane is:

Tipping Load=(Load Weight × Load RadiusCrane Stability Factor


  • Load Weight is the weight of the load being lifted (in pounds or kilograms).
  • Load Radius is the distance from the center of the load to the center of rotation of the crane (in feet or meters).
  • Crane Stability Factor is a safety factor determined by the crane manufacturer.

Example Solve

Let’s say we have a crane with a load weight of 10,000 pounds and a load radius of 20 feet. The crane’s stability factor is 1.5.

Tipping Load=(10,000×20)÷1.5=133,333.33 pounds


Q: What is a crane tipping load?

A: The tipping load of a crane refers to the maximum weight a crane can lift without tipping over.

Q: Why is calculating the tipping load important?

A: Calculating the tipping load is crucial for ensuring the safety and stability of crane operations, preventing accidents and injuries.

Q: What factors affect the tipping load of a crane?

A: Factors such as load weight, load radius, boom length, and crane stability factor influence the tipping load of a crane.


Accurately calculating the tipping load of a crane is essential for safe and efficient lifting operations. By using the provided formula and a crane tipping load calculator, operators can ensure they stay within safe operating limits, minimizing risks on the job site.

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