Clinical Attachment Loss Calculator


In the realm of dentistry, assessing periodontal health is crucial, with clinical attachment loss being a significant indicator. To streamline this process, a clinical attachment loss calculator proves invaluable. This article explores the functionality of such a calculator and provides a working for implementation.

How to Use

Using the clinical attachment loss calculator is straightforward. Enter the measurements of probing depth and gingival margin into the designated fields. Then, click the “Calculate” button to obtain the clinical attachment loss result.


The formula for clinical attachment loss calculation is:

Clinical Attachment Loss = Probing Depth + Gingival Margin


  • Probing Depth: The depth of the periodontal pocket, measured from the gingival margin to the bottom of the pocket.
  • Gingival Margin: The distance from a fixed point (usually the cementoenamel junction) to the gingival margin.

Example Solve

Let’s consider an example:

  • Probing Depth: 4 mm
  • Gingival Margin: 2 mm

Using the formula: Clinical Attachment Loss = 4 mm + 2 mm = 6 mm

Therefore, the clinical attachment loss in this case would be 6 mm.


Q: What is clinical attachment loss (CAL)?

A: Clinical attachment loss refers to the measurement of the supportive tissue attachment around a tooth. It helps assess the severity of periodontal disease.

Q: Why is clinical attachment loss important?

A: Clinical attachment loss serves as a critical indicator of periodontal health and aids in diagnosing and managing periodontal diseases effectively.

Q: Is the clinical attachment loss calculator suitable for professional use?

A: Yes, the calculator can be used by dental professionals to quickly and accurately determine clinical attachment loss, aiding in treatment planning and monitoring.


Incorporating a clinical attachment loss calculator into dental practice can streamline the assessment process and enhance the accuracy of periodontal evaluations. By leveraging the provided code, implementing such a tool becomes accessible and efficient.

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