Anodizing Amperage Calculator


In engineering and manufacturing, precise calculations are essential for various processes. One such critical calculation is determining the anodizing amperage, which plays a crucial role in electrochemical processes. To simplify this calculation, we introduce the Anodizing Amperage Calculator.

How to Use

Using the Anodizing Amperage Calculator is straightforward. Enter the required values into the input fields, click the “Calculate” button, and the calculator will provide you with the precise anodizing amperage.


The formula to calculate anodizing amperage is:


  • I = Anodizing amperage (amps)
  • A = Anodized area (square inches)
  • F = Faraday’s constant (96,485 coulombs)
  • E = Anodizing efficiency (percentage)
  • EFF = Current efficiency factor (decimal)

Example Solve

Suppose we need to anodize an area of 100 square inches with an anodizing efficiency of 80% and a current efficiency factor of 0.85. Let’s calculate the required amperage.


Q: Can this calculator be used for different units of measurement?

A: No, this calculator is designed specifically for calculating anodizing amperage in square inches, coulombs, and amps.

Q: What is Faraday’s constant, and why is it used in the formula?

A: Faraday’s constant represents the charge on a mole of electrons and is used to convert between coulombs and moles in electrochemical calculations.

Q: What if I don’t know the anodizing efficiency or current efficiency factor?

A: You should try to determine these values through experimentation or consult relevant literature for typical values in your process.


The Anodizing Amperage Calculator simplifies the process of determining the required amperage for anodizing processes, ensuring precision and efficiency in electrochemical operations.

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