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In the realm of electromagnetism, Ampere’s Law serves as a fundamental principle for calculating magnetic fields generated by electric currents. Understanding and applying Ampere’s Law can be pivotal in various scientific and engineering endeavors. To facilitate the computation process, a simple yet effective calculator can be employed.

How to Use

Utilizing the Ampere’s Law calculator is straightforward. Input the necessary parameters into the designated fields, then click on the “Calculate” button to obtain the result.


Ampere’s Law states that the magnetic field (B) along a closed loop is proportional to the current (I) passing through the loop. Mathematically, it is expressed as:


  • B is the magnetic field.
  • I is the current passing through the loop.
  • r is the distance from the wire to the point where the magnetic field is being measured.

Example Solve

Suppose we have a wire carrying a current of 2.5 Amperes, and we want to find the magnetic field at a distance of 0.03 meters from the wire. Plugging these values into the formula:


Q: What are the units of the magnetic field obtained from Ampere’s Law?
A: The magnetic field is typically measured in Tesla (T).

Q: Can Ampere’s Law be applied to non-closed loops?
A: No, Ampere’s Law is specifically formulated for closed loops.

Q: Is the magnetic field dependent on the shape of the current-carrying wire?
A: Yes, the shape of the wire affects the calculation of the magnetic field.


Ampere’s Law calculator provides a convenient means to compute magnetic fields resulting from electric currents. By understanding the principles and utilizing this tool, scientists and engineers can efficiently analyze magnetic phenomena in various applications.

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