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In the realm of medical diagnostics and eye care, determining visual acuity plays a crucial role in assessing one’s vision clarity. Visual acuity is commonly measured using a standardized chart known as the Snellen chart, which consists of letters or symbols of varying sizes. However, calculating visual acuity can be complex due to the mathematical formula involved. To simplify this process, we present a user-friendly Visual Acuity Calculator.

How to Use

Using the Visual Acuity Calculator is straightforward. Simply input the distance at which the chart is viewed and the size of the smallest recognizable symbol. Then, click the “Calculate” button to obtain the visual acuity measurement.


The formula used for calculating visual acuity is:

Example Solve

Let’s say the distance viewed is 20 feet and the size of the smallest recognizable symbol is 0.1 inches.

So, the visual acuity is 200.


Q: What is visual acuity?
A: Visual acuity is a measure of the clarity or sharpness of vision. It indicates the ability to discern fine details.

Q: What is the significance of visual acuity measurement?
A: Visual acuity measurement helps in diagnosing vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, as well as monitoring the effectiveness of vision correction treatments.

Q: How often should one measure visual acuity?
A: It is recommended to have visual acuity measured regularly, especially during routine eye examinations or when experiencing changes in vision.

Q: Can visual acuity be improved?
A: Yes, visual acuity can be improved through corrective measures such as prescription glasses, contact lenses, or refractive surgery.


The Visual Acuity Calculator provides a convenient way to determine visual acuity, aiding in the assessment of one’s vision clarity. By inputting the distance viewed and the size of the smallest recognizable symbol, individuals can quickly obtain their visual acuity measurement, facilitating early detection and management of vision-related issues.

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