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Welcome to our metal weight calculator! This handy tool allows you to quickly and accurately calculate the weight of various metals based on their dimensions. Whether you’re a professional in the metalworking industry or a DIY enthusiast, this calculator will assist you in determining the weight of your metal components with ease.

How to Use: Using our metal weight calculator is simple. Just enter the required dimensions of your metal object into the designated input fields below and click the “Calculate” button. The calculator will instantly provide you with the weight of the metal based on the provided dimensions.

Formula: The formula used to calculate the weight of metal is:



  • Volume is calculated based on the dimensions of the metal object.
  • Density is the density of the specific metal material being used.

Example Solve: Let’s say we have a metal cube with the following dimensions:

  • Length = 10 cm
  • Width = 5 cm
  • Height = 3 cm

And the density of the metal is 7.8g/cm3 (for example, for aluminum).

So, the weight of the metal cube is 1170 grams.


  • Q: Can I use this calculator for different shapes of metal objects?
    • Yes, you can. As long as you input the correct dimensions into the calculator, it will accurately calculate the weight regardless of the shape of the metal object.
  • Q: Is the density value standardized for all metals?
    • No, the density value varies for different types of metals. Make sure to use the correct density value for the specific metal you’re working with.
  • Q: Can I use this calculator for non-metal materials?
    • No, this calculator is specifically designed for calculating the weight of metal objects based on their dimensions.

Conclusion: Our metal weight calculator simplifies the process of determining the weight of metal components, saving you time and effort. Whether you’re working on a construction project or crafting metal artwork, this tool is invaluable for accurate weight calculations.

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